English Morning Assembly

  • The whole school loves to participate in our monthly English morning assembly. Each month, different students from one level are invited to host the assembly with the NETs. They use different ways such as riddles and tongue twisters to promote the English monthly theme and fun activities. The English morning assembly not only allows our students to gain confidence in speaking in front of the school, but also increases their exposure to the language.

Morning Storytelling

  • Students who arrive early to school are invited to gather around and listen to various stories with the NETs. We learn about characters, settings and prediction! English storytelling is the chance for the NETs and our students to share their love for books as well as helping them develop their English comprehension skills. More importantly, listening to stories helps our students become active listeners.

Happy Recess

  • During recesses, all students are encouraged to participate in fun English games and activities! Various English activities are carried out by the NETs and our EATs in the English room where our students can come and play board games, sing songs and use iPads for fun quizzes. The NETs also run storytelling at English Fun Zone where the younger students can listen and read their favourite books. In the corridors, our students can answer questions based on the English monthly theme for the chance to play more games!

Lunch Radio

  • Each week on Wednesday, the NETs host a ten-minute radio programme for the students during lunchtime. On each programme, they will tell jokes, give riddles for the students to solve, and talk about what fun English activities will be happening in the next week. Sometimes they will also have students on to help us as special guests. This will give students the chance to hear spoken English in a fun and interesting way. It will also let students know where to go to take part in all the English games and events they have planned.

Lunchtime Buddy Reading

  • Our P1 students are invited to read books with our P6 English Ambassadors(EATs) in small groups after lunch every day! They benefit from listening to stories and conversing with their P6 reading buddies about different topics. At the same time, our P6 English Ambassadors have opportunities to use English for communicative purpose.

Interclass Activities

  • Each month, a different level group is invited to the covered playground to play English games with the NETs. Four classes of the same level will compete against one another to complete challenges as a class and earn points for their team. This is a chance for our students to use English in a fun way and work together as a class. They must listen carefully to the instructions and use English to cheer on each other!